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  1. Very informative. For myself (not a webmaster) a good overview of creating a relevant website.

  2. The WordPress workshop conducted by Lai was great! He gave us an excellent overview on how to go about setting up a website in WordPress, and he also gave us a lot of useful resources.

  3. Thanks to Lai for the WordPress workshop yesterday. The information he presented and the Church Website manual he provided will be very useful to our Publicity Committee as we maintain our new WordPress website. We are fortunate to have the technical services and resources of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina available to our churches.

  4. Thanks, Lai, for a very informative and motivating presentation. I helps me to understand what I need to do for our church website. I have long toyed with the idea of creating my own personal website. You’ve shown me how doable that can be. You’ve also given me some great ideas and wonderful resources. Thanks!

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